House Committee on Calendars

Committee Summary

Committee Members (11)

Committee Partisan Split

7R – 4D

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas House Committee on Calendars is responsible for managing the legislative calendar system of the Texas House of Representatives. The key functions and jurisdiction of the committee include:

  • Placement of Bills and Resolutions: The committee determines which bills and resolutions are placed on appropriate calendars for floor consideration, except for those under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Resolutions Calendars.
  • Prioritization and Rules: The committee sets priorities for bills and resolutions and proposes rules for their consideration on the House floor.
  • Expediting House Business: The committee addresses all other matters related to the calendar system and the expediting of House business as assigned by the Speaker of the House.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Capitol Extension, E2.148

Phone Number

(512) 463-0758