What We Do


The purpose of Texas Policy Research Action (TPRA) is to empower the public and policymakers with the necessary tools to protect and enhance individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise, private property rights, and limited government, thereby fortifying the fundamental pillars of a free and civil society in Texas and across the nation.


Our legislative analysis is supplemented by intense policy research and data mining. Projects are selected based on their relevance to the Texas legislative process and good governance, all to provide additional context and transparency to the policy-making process.

Floor Reports

In each regular legislative session, we issue Floor Reports comprised of vote recommendations on all legislation that is scheduled for floor consideration by both the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives. Every piece of legislation that we evaluate is done so based on how it would affect:

  • Individual Liberty: The freedom of individuals to act and express themselves freely, so long as their actions do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others.
  • Personal Responsibility: A concept that suggests that individuals are accountable for their actions and the consequences that follow. It emphasizes the idea that each person should take responsibility for their own life and decisions, rather than relying on external support or blaming others for their circumstances.
  • Free Enterprise: Often synonymous with capitalism, is an economic system where private businesses operate in competition and are largely free of state control. It’s characterized by private property, the profit motive, voluntary exchange, and limited government intervention in markets.
  • Private Property Rights: Legal rights of individuals or groups to own, use, and dispose of land, buildings, goods, or other possessions. Private property rights are central to capitalist economies and are protected by law, allowing owners to exclude others from using their property without consent.
  • Limited Government: A political philosophy advocating that the government’s powers and functions should be restricted, usually as outlined in a constitution. Limited government aims to protect citizens’ freedoms and rights while preventing the state from becoming too powerful or intrusive.

Recommendations in favor or opposition to legislation based on the aforementioned principles are done so without any consideration of partisan affiliation, author or sponsor, or perceived prioritization.

Floor Reports are issued directly via email to policymakers and their staff, as well as those who subscribe to receive them here. You can also find .PDF versions of floor reports made available here.