Senate Committee on Finance

Committee Summary

Committee Members (7)

Committee Partisan Split

13R – 4D

Committee Efficiency

Legislation Referred
to Committee
Legislation Voted
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Overall Efficiency

Number of Committee Meetings: 28

Legislation StatusHBsHJRsHCRsSBsSJRsSCRs
Referred to Committee5870138122
Voted Out of Committee35403941

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Finance Committee is a powerful body responsible for overseeing the state’s budget and financial operations. Its jurisdiction covers a broad range of areas, including:

  • State Budget: The committee is responsible for drafting the state budget, which includes reviewing and making recommendations on all appropriations and expenditures. This involves analyzing financial needs across various sectors, including education, health and human services, and public safety.
  • Revenue and Taxation: The committee examines issues related to state revenue, including taxes and other sources of income. It makes recommendations on tax policies and assesses their impact on the state’s financial health.
  • Investment of State Funds: The committee reviews investment strategies for state funds managed by entities such as the Teacher Retirement System and the Permanent School Fund. It aims to maximize investment returns while ensuring the prudent management of these funds.
  • Agency Technology: The committee assesses technology-related purchases and upgrades within state agencies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate duplication.
  • Performance-Based Contracting: It reviews the use of performance-based contracting in state agencies, particularly in health and human services, to ensure effective use of state resources and improved service delivery.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Capitol Extension, E1.038

Phone Number

(512) 463-0370