Senate Committee on Business & Commerce

Committee Summary

Committee Members (7)

Committee Partisan Split

8R – 3D

Committee Efficiency

Legislation Referred
to Committee
Legislation Voted
Out of Committee
Overall Efficiency

Number of Committee Meetings: 24

Legislation StatusHBsHJRsHCRsSBsSJRsSCRs
Referred to Committee17011321102
Voted Out of Committee1090111732

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Business and Commerce Committee is responsible for a wide range of issues that impact businesses and commerce in the state. This includes oversight of economic development, regulation of businesses, and various industry-specific concerns such as insurance, banking, telecommunications, and utilities. The committee also addresses issues related to consumer protection and the state’s economic policies.

Key areas of jurisdiction for the committee include:

  • Electricity Market Design: Assessing state efforts to incentivize new thermal generation and reviewing the impact of variable resources like wind and solar on grid reliability.
  • Broadband and Telecommunications: Studying broadband access and telecommunications issues, monitoring the implementation of relevant legislation, and considering federal infrastructure funding.
  • Texas Energy Fund: Evaluating the impact of the Texas Energy Fund, established to support energy infrastructure.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Sam Houston Building, 370

Phone Number

(512) 463-0365