Senate Committee on Criminal Justice

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4R – 3D

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Number of Committee Meetings: 11

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Referred to Committee1420025130
Voted Out of Committee94007010

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee oversees a variety of issues related to the criminal justice system in the state. Key areas of jurisdiction for the committee include:

  • Legislation and Policy Oversight: Monitoring the implementation of criminal justice legislation passed by the Texas Legislature. This includes reviewing how laws are being enforced and recommending any necessary changes to improve their effectiveness.
  • Bail Reform: Examining the operations and funding sources of “charitable bail organizations” that pay bail for defendants. The committee seeks to ensure accountability and transparency for these organizations, particularly when defendants reoffend while out on bond.
  • Protecting Children: Studying how predators use deepfake technology and artificial intelligence to exploit children. The committee monitors related legislation and recommends additional measures to protect children as technology evolves.
  • Support for Crime Victims: Evaluating programs and services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. This includes reviewing expenditures, existing programs, and identifying future needs to ensure optimal service delivery.
  • Public Health and Safety in Prisons: Assessing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s protocols for preventing the spread of infectious diseases and their overall effectiveness in maintaining the health and safety of inmates and staff.
  • Juvenile and Gang Violence: Studying current methods to reduce juvenile gang involvement and violence in schools and communities. The committee makes recommendations for statutory changes to improve these efforts.
  • Criminal Justice System Review: Evaluating various aspects of the criminal justice system, including probation, parole, state jail confinement, and reentry programs. The committee aims to improve outcomes and reduce recidivism rates.
  • Fair Defense Act: Reviewing public defense systems and funding to ensure effective legal representation for defendants as the state approaches the 20th anniversary of the Fair Defense Act.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Sam Houston Building, 470

Phone Number

(512) 463-0345