Senate Committee on Transportation

Committee Summary

Committee Members (9)

Committee Partisan Split

5R – 4D

Committee Efficiency

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Number of Committee Meetings: 9

Legislation StatusHBsHJRsHCRsSBsSJRsSCRs
Referred to Committee1191011411
Voted Out of Committee70004501

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Committee on Transportation oversees a wide array of issues related to transportation infrastructure and safety across the state. Its jurisdiction includes:

  • Transportation Funding: The committee assesses the implementation of state and federal funding for aviation, maritime ports, international points of entry, rail line operations, and public transportation. They ensure that these sectors meet current demands and are prepared for future growth.
  • Safety: The committee studies the factors contributing to traffic-related accidents and fatalities, making recommendations to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: The committee evaluates the operations, implementation, incident reporting, and accountability of autonomous vehicles, making recommendations to ensure public safety and transparency.
  • Project Delivery: They evaluate major roadway construction projects that have begun since new funding sources were approved in 2014 and 2015, aiming to ensure on-time project completion and cost efficiency.
  • Driver’s License Efficiency: The committee reviews the Department of Public Safety’s driver’s license program operations to improve service efficiency while maintaining individual privacy and security.
  • Alternative Fuels: They review the development of infrastructure for alternatively fueled vehicles and examine the increase in such vehicles, recommending fair road user fees for alternatively fueled and traditional gasoline/diesel vehicles.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Sam Houston Building, 450

Phone Number

(512) 463-0067