Senate Committee on Administration

Committee Summary

Committee Members (7)

Committee Partisan Split

4R – 3D

Committee Efficiency

Legislation Referred
to Committee
Legislation Voted
Out of Committee
Overall Efficiency

Number of Committee Meetings: 11

Legislation StatusHBsHJRsHCRsSBsSJRsSCRs
Referred to Committee90168414
Voted Out of Committee90135112

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Administration Committee has a broad jurisdiction primarily focused on procedural and administrative functions within the Senate. This includes overseeing the allocation of resources, managing legislative offices, and ensuring the efficient operation of Senate functions. Specifically, the committee handles matters such as the Senate’s budget, personnel, facilities, and procedural rules. It also oversees the maintenance of Senate properties and services that support legislative activities.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Capitol Extension, E1.714

Phone Number

(512) 463-0350