Senate Committee on State Affairs

Committee Summary

Committee Members (9)

Committee Partisan Split

5R – 4D

Committee Efficiency

Legislation Referred
to Committee
Legislation Voted
Out of Committee
Overall Efficiency

Number of Committee Meetings: 26

Legislation StatusHBsHJRsHCRsSBsSJRsSCRs
Referred to Committee16423414279
Voted Out of Committee780212672

Committee Jurisdiction

The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs has a broad jurisdiction, focusing on significant matters of state policy and governance. Key areas of responsibility for the committee include:

  • Election Integrity: The committee evaluates the impact of court rulings on election law enforcement and explores ways to enhance the Secretary of State’s response to Election Code violations. This involves reviewing the prosecution process and ensuring prompt action against reported violations.
  • State Policy and Administration: The committee oversees issues related to the administration and organization of state government, including the powers and regulation of state departments and agencies.
  • Public Safety and Legal Issues: The committee addresses public safety concerns, legal matters, and regulatory issues that affect the state, ensuring that laws are effectively enforced and policies are up-to-date.
  • Monitoring Legislation: The committee monitors the implementation of legislation passed by the Texas Legislature, particularly those under its jurisdiction, and recommends any necessary changes to improve the effectiveness of these laws.

Committee Contact Information

Capitol Location

Sam Houston Building, 380

Phone Number

(512) 463-0380