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January 9, 2024

Texas Policy Research Founded

Today marks just over one year until the 89th Legislative Session in Texas, set to begin on January 14, 2025. In preparation, much must be done to ensure that state lawmakers have the relevant information for the challenges that lie ahead.

As the eighth-largest economy in the world with a burgeoning population, Texas has no shortage of challenges. Whether it be standing up against the expansion and overreach of the federal government, or getting out of its own way by cutting needless regulation and easing tax burdens to ensure Texas continues to prosper in ways that are affordable to its populace, planning is paramount to future success.

Texas Policy Research (TPR) aims to empower the public and policymakers with the necessary tools to protect and enhance individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise, private property rights, and limited government, thereby fortifying the fundamental pillars of a free and civil society in Texas and across the nation.

TPR President and Founder, Jeramy Kitchen, had this to say,

“I look forward to working with policymakers, staff, and Texans across the state to ensure that proposed legislation making its way through the Texas legislative process is done so with a keen eye toward limited government and seeking to improve conditions for Texans across the state. The government exists to protect liberty, not infringe upon it. I have observed and participated in the legislative process firsthand and worked closely with lawmakers inside the building for many years. I believe that we can harness this insight and the everyday experiences of Texans across the state to forge public policy that is not only beneficial to current citizens but aids in the prosperity of future generations of Texans.”

Whether providing policymakers and the public with informed, comprehensive legislative analysis via floor reports or publishing insightful, data-driven research, TPR aims to offer legislative insight for effective engagement and advocacy in the Texas political process.

TPR’s founding board members include Jeramy Kitchen, Vance Ginn, Ph.D., and Charles Blain. Additional background information can be found here.